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Zoom ID for meetings

Posted 5 months ago by Alicia Frith

Today's event will have two separate zoom links. Please follow the instruction below!! APNPB business meeting will take place at 6:30 pm and the guest speaker will start at 7 pm. Please note that there are two different zoom IDs you will have to go to to attend the meeting AND the presentation!!

1) Register via the APNPB website by clicking the "register" tab on the email invite.

2) Please email Cynthia Fouche at to register for the event (Provide NAME, EMAIL, and PHONE number when you email her)

3) She will email you the link for the zoom meeting for the speaker. The speaker will take place at 7 pm. I have provided the link for you but please do not forget to email Cynthia!

4) The APNPB meeting will take place at 6:30 pm via the following link:

Join APNPB Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 930 895 9901
Passcode: Z2p9ea

If you have any problems signing on please text or call Alicia at 432.934.7751. We do not want anyone missing the event this evenig due to technical issues or misunderstanding!!

Have a blessed day!